Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Projects


Winter is one of my favorite times to work on things. It is usually so yucky outside I just want to stay inside and nest. I have been slowly trying to get more organized and brighten up my d├ęcor. I want to add more whites. It seems to make it seem more bright and puts me in a good mood!

I have been in love with this fabric for a while now. My Aunt and cousin had used it on a few pieces for Serendipity. It comes very wide right off the bolt and it was really simple to sew up some curtains! I love when they go floor to ceiling… another thing I am slowly working on… fixing all the ones in my house that don’t! I can’t even stand to look at them now!


I love them closed most often to avoid seeing the mess that the big dog makes on the patio and I get plenty of light from my big windows. Sometimes when it is not enough or we are coming in and out they need to be open. I had some of these in my stash from one of our annual labor day girls shopping trip. I found these two years ago at Eurotreasures and have been hanging on to them until I found a purpose! I love the old and chippy with a hint of blue!


My husband has been such a trooper lately. It seems like every day he comes home I am ready for some assistance in hanging or lifting or some sort of aid in one of my crazy ideas! The other day he put in this doggy door for me  Roxy. It is one of those things that after you think “Why didn’t I do that sooner?”

curtains 1

Notice the big empty space on the right side of the doors? Guess what is going to go there! This is a fun piece that I painted for Serendipity this time. I knew if it didn’t sell it needed to come home. My black computer desk stands lonely on the other side of the room. I think it will be nice to have a little black to tie it all together.


I had enough fabric left to do some pillows!



I have also been painting many other things. It seems easier to find the time to do them than to blog about it. I hope I can at least post a few times each month.

I also hope to paint Addis room soon. I have the cutest little dresser to dream up something for too! I am hoping to start within a few weeks. I am making myself wait until a few other unfinished projects are done! I get bored easily and skip around often!