Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its about time for Serendipity!!

Here is a sneak peek of a few things that will be at the sale! It is this Friday through Sunday! We are headed up Thursday!! Be sure to follow up on the blog! http://serendip-i-ty.blogspot.com/ She is featuring my cute mom today!











Sunday, June 12, 2011

Decorating with what you have!


The kids stayed the night at Nana and Papas last night and I had a few hours to myself! I have recently joined Pinterest and love it! This was one of my first pins! I found it at http://akadesign.ca/. It is a great blog to check out! I will definetely be following!

My entry table was looking extra sad after sending some stuff to Serendipity that had been being stored on it! Remember when my husband spotted it out for me on the side of the road? I took the drawers off thinking that I would be able to quickly find some baskets to replace them with. Now its been a year and no such luck. They are an odd size. On to plan B… having Brandon build me some crates with pallet wood. Hopefully we will get to that soon!

I started digging through the garage and around the house and came up with this! I love the challenge of having to use what you have!


I stole the burlap table cloth off the kitchen table. I cut a few triangles from a scrap of burlap and wrote on them with permanent marker, hot glued them to some jute, tied them on to the window and added some ribbon in just a few minutes! I dug through my rubber maid of flowers and threw some left over from a garland that I had taken apart in this tin.

blogjune12-3 These candlesticks were a wedding gift and have been hiding out in the garage because they were black and I wasn’t loving them. They got a quick coat of cream spray paint and I hit them with a sanding block!

I got to play a little moving things around the rest of the house too! It needed a good re-arrange and re-vamp!

My baby is turning 3 tomorrow! Wow how time flies! We will be kickin’ it at the slash park if it is warm!

addi-swim11 Be back later~! Amanda

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy… busy.. busy!!


Its been a while since I last said Hello! Everything made it safe and sound to Casper, WY and is ready for Serendipity. I have enjoyed the last week working on many projects that I want done for myself and getting ready for our baby boy! Just a little over a month left until we get to meet him! My baby girl is going to be 3 on Monday so we are getting ready for a polka dot swimming party too!

I finished up this chair for the living room. I thought it was fun that when I took the cushion apart I found the original tag and it was manufactured in 1926!




I painted it in Paris grey first, then old white. I distressed it and finished it with a  clear wax! I am considering painting the top of my table grey. What do you think? It is chipped all over the top from the kids and needs a new paint job. I have tried paint matching and ordering paint from the manufacturer and can’t seem to come close to the cream… Maybe just the top?


I also finished a couple of summer pillows out of the left-over fabric!



We had a great weekend and enjoyed the 80+ degree weather! Our nieces stayed the night and the kids had so much fun!

\swim collage

I am also making progress on the boys room, the cafĂ© under the stairs, and a fun sewing project for Addis birthday. I have been making some burp rags and a few things for the baby! Problem is… my sewing machine broke and I can’t justify a new one so I can only work on them here and there when I can sneak over to my moms! Stay tuned for lots more!

Love, Amanda