Sunday, October 24, 2010

Furniture Makeover!

 I found this entertainment stand/desk at a thrift store that was going out of business for $80!!!! It is six large pieces. Every time we have to haul furniture up our windy stairs it is a total nightmare. Since this was going in my craft room/ play room/ hang out room it needed to go up the stairs! It could not have worked out better. It was a cinch getting it up there! Modeling it for us...we have the notorious BATMAN! Gotta love it:)

It also came with two of these.. perfect for craft embellishments!!!

Step #1- First I removed all the hardware. I cleaned it well and gave it a light sand.

Step #2- Priming... I decided to use spray paint for this project. It worked out great but was not as cost effective as I would have liked it to be. I kept going back for more and more and more.. you get it.... Next time I will try a paint sprayer when you are covering a lot of area. For smaller projects spray paint would be wonderful.

Step # 3- Paint

Step #4- Sanding the edges.

Step #5- Glazing. To glaze I used a pre-mixed brown glaze that I had left over from doing some faux-painting. I brushed it on heavy with a foam brush and then wiped it off lightly with damp cloth.

Step #6- Protect or Polyurethane. I just used the spray paint kind.

Step # 7- For the hardware I used the hammered spray paint in a black finish. I love how it made them look brand new!

Step # 8- Put it all back together!!!

I have a lot of work to do on my baskets and shelving but I am so excited just to have a start on this room! I even got an "I love it!" from the husband!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Barn

I guess this would be the boy version of the dollhouse! It was much more simple. I primed it, then painted it. The wood floor is scrapbook paper that I modge podged down, and the fencing is wood stain. The bucket and can were painted with stainless steel spray paint!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

DIY Dollhouse

This is what I made for my Addi last year. My mom actually made me one when I was little that had the same shell and the same furniture!  It is quite a project but you can find wooden dollhouses pretty easily. I just started with the wooden shell. Most of the furniture also came unfinished. I did buy a few pieces of furniture from PB kids.

The trees, shingles, and windows were all cut from vinyl on my wishblade.

The couch was painted tan and then I modge podged scrapbook paper to get the floral print and sewed the pillows. The nightstand has the drawers modge podged also with dew drops for the knobs. I hot glued flowers in the vases. I also modge podged the cieling and the wood floors with scrapbook paper.

The quilt was made from fabric left over from one of the baby quilts my mom had made her. I also printed a picture of her out and modge podged it to the wall.

The flooring and back drop is also paper. The base board is vinyl.

 I also made a barn for Stryder. I will post that also:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What happens when you show up at my salon a little too late:)!! (& Salon progress)

My salon is one of my most difficult places to decorate. I just can't seem to get it exactly how I want it. When you have to have a station, a dryer, a shampoo bowl, two chairs, and lots of tools; they kind of get in the way of the decor! I also have to have lots of shelving for my retail products.

The salon about a month ago....

And the progress......

The boxes got a new paint job and an applique. I picked up the little sign on the wall at Gardners Village.
I moved in the shelf next to the sink to give me some more room and painted and distressed it white. I have yet to find something big for this wall so the Halloween sign went up for now.

This vinyl has been up for a while now... not sure how I feel about it.... will do for now.
The table got a new coat of white spray paint and a rub down of antiquing coat.. I wanted to bring as much light in as possible to counteract all the black that I have to have. (dryer and chairs) The chandelier is a falsey.. It just holds candles which is perfect. No wiring involved.

The flowers in this pot are all from the dollar store! I love Dollar Tree. The foam in the bottom to poke them into is also from the lovely dollar store!

*Look what happened when this girl showed up at my salon:) hehe.. jk.. I originally seen this idea on studio 5 and added my touch.

I used a piece of elastic to tie the stips of tool on the tutu because thats what I had. I think a hair tie would be the perfect size. I added a bow and some bling to thier hair. My little girl had a few bracelets that she had outgrown so I put them on as neclaces and painted thier fingernails!

And here is a sneak peak of what I am working on....

It is cloudy and raining today! Oh how I love it. Hopefully I can get a few things accomplished before I have to work today! Bye for now!