Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Days!


What a great day! We have hung out and made blanket towers, played in the tent, made smoothies and actually accomplished quite a bit! We had lots of strawberries getting too ripe today so I thought I would share one of my favorite tricks! The kids and I drink smoothies almost every afternoon lately. We have been getting so much fruit in out bountiful baskets among other places that sometimes it is ripe before we can finish it. I like to cut them up and lay them out on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, then freeze them. This works great with any fruit, especially bananas.  When they are frozen you can transfer them to a freezer container or bag. This way they do not clump together and do much better in the blender.I think that smoothies have much more flavor when using frozen fruit than they do with ice. I usually throw in whatever frozen fruit we are in the mood for or I have that day along with vanilla almond milk. It is so yummy!


020_edited-1 copy




Here is a peek of what I am working on right now!


Luv, Amanda

Fluffing Addis room


I played around with Addis room the other day. I stole the old high chair out since she is now 3 and not a baby anymore! I took the canopy down from her bed, used up some scrapbook paper to make decorate the top and turned it into a little hangout with her pillow cushion from the previous post.


The dresser moved to the other wall.


I love anything suspended from the ceiling. I put the flowers over the bed too. You can find the post about the bed here.


Now I am on the lookout for a fun chandelier for her room to paint white!


I would love to paint the walls this color! Sounds like a good winter project!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly task sheet


I decided to try something new. Does anybody else use one of these? I usually clean my house top to bottom in one day. With my new work schedule I am going to be working more days, less hours and won’t have as many full days to get things accomplished. I also hate that it takes almost all day. I keep it picked up in the meantime for sure and the laundry up but it would be nice to designate a few days off from laundry too!

I have broke down most of my tasks into weekly, daily, and monthly. I will try to stick with the schedule and check them off daily! I also added a section for odds and ends… like this week it is change the oil in the car, and a few extra errands.

weekly tasks

I also made a weekly menu so that I can make my grocery list from there and hopefully save a lot of last minute trips to the store for one thing. I think it will keep me on top of setting things out to thaw also the day before. I hate meat defrosted so It is usually something super easy when I have forgotten to set something out! I also like to look through my cupboards and freezer as I make the menu so I can see what might need used up.

Help yourself to these if they work for you! I read on one blog that if you keep up on things daily the house seems to “clean itself”. Haha… I don’t think it will feel like that! lol



Saturday, August 6, 2011

The boys room is coming along..


So I took these pictures a while ago and am now just finally getting around to the post! It is hard to type while snuggling a little baby!! He is good enough to put him down but why would you want too!

I made this quilt for Stantyn and had my mom quilt and bind it for me! The sheet came from Target and could not have matched the fabric any better. I also have some grey sheets to switch out with it. The crib is the same crib that I have had since Stryder. It got a new coat of white paint.



I found this cute chalkboard piggy at Target! We took pictures last night! I can’t wait to see them all edited and fill up some frames!


I found this cute wet bag on Etsy that matched the fabric I had used for the rest of the room. I am using cloth diapers this time. I think they are great and will try to post about them soon. I am still learning more about them.


I found the rocking chair at a yard-sale for $10 plus and added some white spray paint. boysroom9

I had some extra mirrors left over from building so I used my moms silhouette to put some vinyl decals on them.


My friend Natalie found this guitar at a yard sale for me! I spray painted the whole thing black first (strings and all) then went over it with some grey paint.


Hope everyone has a happy Saturday!