Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Addis new room!




I am so excited to finally have Addis room finished! I started it a few months ago with the chandelier. I have been wanting to paint her room blue since we moved in but it is a big project and I just kept putting it off.

I was also really worried about moving her famous bed. It actually came apart and moved really easy. Remember it before? I don’t have a great picture that shows how small it made her room look in that spot but it has definitely grown with the new location.

This is a glorified version of the before picture for the chandelierer I found online. I found that one at the salvage yard and it was much less clean but about the same. I painted it white and bought some white lampshades at Lowes. I just painted them pink with a foam brush and some craft paint I had around. I also painted a ceiling medallion that we found there also.


May I also mention that I stood FOREVER  holding this above my head while Brandon figured out the wiring… Not that it was super heavy but awkward. I think I was sore for days! Lol.


This little table was an end table. I just put my stencil on before I painted it to let the wood come through. The chairs are from IKEA.


I did this shelve a while ago. It was found at an antique store. Remember the before?

The flowers are from the dollar store! Addi picked the owl out last time we were at real deals. She is just like me… a sucker for owlsSmile. The tea set is one that my husbands Aunt made and was passed down to Addi. I love it when something has sentimental value and its cute at the same time!


These curtains were the curtains that used to hang on my patio doors. I just sewed ruffles onto the bottom out of some white muslin to extend the length.


I wish I had a before of this little desk. The drawer was completely split in half and missing the bottom half. That’s where the hubby came in and fixed it up for Addi aka… me!


The mirror was out of my moms pile of stuff we found at yard sales last year. All it needed was a little Windex! It is perfect for her jewelry box and some chap stick, body spray… you know everything a little girl needs! The chair was also from a yard sale. I refinished a pair of them and had them in my room for a while.


The doll cradle came from D.I. It just needed some to be sturdied and some new paint! The quilt was one of her baby quilts my mom made and the doll was one that I believe my grandma had made.



The name is scrapbook paper on chipboard all strung across a photo mat. The duvet is from Land of Nod. The quilt across the top was her crib quilt.


We bought the doors with the chalkboard on the back when we built the house. It is kind of fun. I actually left the doors and the inner part of the window the same color as the trim in the rest of the house to tie it all in. The frames were just painted white and the chipboard with the fabric flowers were just mounted on some pine board I had left over from a project that Brandon cut for me.


The dresser I traded a client for. I lined the inside with easy tack and cute polka dot wrapping paper to clean up the drawers. I also replaced the missing mirror with cork board.I put the stencil on before I painted to let some wood shine through. The knobs are tulle for now unless I find some I love on a killer deal.


The dollhouse was done for her 2nd Christmas. You can see more pictures here.



Monday, March 12, 2012

Custom Cabinet Sold-

I am excited to say that I will be offering some large furniture pieces for sale within the next couple of months along with some smaller items. Some furniture will be hand-made, along with pieces refinished. Please be sure to watch for new posts!! This one was sold before I could get it up!


$500 firm. Solid pine cabinet with detailed trim,a bead board back and a vintage window as the door!