Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter



Wishing you all a Happy Easter! We are having a great Easter weekend at our house!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hmm… can’t come up with a title today!


Hello! This afternoon was kind of laid back! My living room has been driving me nuts so I decided to re-arrange! I don’t have much to work with but think it seems better for now! It is not big and an odd shape to arrange furniture in. We got rid of our couch and chaise and I got a new couch for Christmas, A couch is not enough seating for all of us! I haven’t found the right pieces that I am looking for to complete the living room @ a  cheap enough price! At least it is yard-sale season so hopefully I will luck out soon! I talked Addi into letting me steal the rocking chair out of her room. I was going to paint it for the babies room but found another one at a yard sale last weekend! I think it will give us some extra seating for a while and it may be nice to have a rocker downstairs since that is where we will most likely be spending most of our time with baby Stanton!



Yes, we are getting ready to dye Easter eggs tonight!!!!

easter eggs 11


Look better? It will do for now.

Now onto these cuties!




I took a class on my SLR camera last week and thought I better try to put it to use. I need tons more practice but took all of these pictures in manual today to try to help me learn. I was surprised how much better you could make the lighting indoors by just adjusting the settings. The class was very helpful. This girl does great pictures.. you can find her @

Here is a sneak peak of a few things for Serendipity! Don’t forget to follow the blog!





Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy Duvet Tutorial with Velcro



Want to make a super easy duvet without having to figure out button holes or ties? This is perfect!

I was making a full size duvet. I bought the duvet @ Ikea. It measures 86 x 86 inches. I made my top and bottom @ 88 inches because I wanted it snug when it was finished.

You will need a package of sew on, stick on Velcro.

First take your top, fold down about 1/2, iron and hem. Sorry I am missing this picture. I used a hem gauge to keep them even.

Then fold over again. You want to hem this just a little bit wider than your Velcro.




Cut some sew on Velcro in 2” strips.


Then with your top facing up pin your sew on Velcro in about 14 inches from each edge spacing them about every 6”.



Sew them on.


Using the hem gauge, iron and sew one more time so that the Velcro is now on the inside of your top.


Now use your back and hem it the same as you did your top without putting any Velcro on.

Lay your bottom and top out on the floor right sides together and pin like crazy! Sew around the bottom and each side. Sew approximately  12’’ to 14” inches in on each side of the top, backstitch.

Cut some 2” strips of the stick on Velcro. Adhere them evenly with the Velcro pieces that you have sewn on!


So here is the best part. My mom suggested I do this because she has this on her Pottery Barn duvet. Don’t you hate stuffing the duvets in the cover? It is such a pain and they never stay snug.  Cut a piece of ribbon about 16'”-20” long. Fold in half. Take your inside bottom corners and sew into place. This way you can tie it around the corners of your duvet when you slide it in. I love this! It is so much easier to make the bed now, and it doesn’t slide around in between!!!!


Addi was such a good girl at my moms while I wrapped up this project! She loves to play in the fabric and scrapbook! Roxy is also very patient with the kids! What a good doggy!



Monday, April 11, 2011

Painted pots and Table Redo


I got lots done outside today, including a trip to the park, although it wasn’t quite as nice as I had hoped it would be. I bought some plain terracotta pots at Lowes the other day. I have had fun dressing them up! I hear pansies like the cold… lets hope!


I spray painted the striped one white first then just taped it off with masking tape to paint the stripes. The sprayed the black one on and just free-handed the polka dots!


I found this great egg wreath last year at a thrift store! I took some texture and spread it on the pots with a putty knife, then sprayed them white.


The yellow table I found for $5 and spray painted. Here is the before. I may shorten it to go with some chairs later but for now I don’t mind the height.


I have been going a little crazy with some chalkboard paint today… more to comeSmile.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Progress in the boys room!


Hi! I feel like I have not posted in forever. I have a billion projects going on right now and can’t seem to stay focused on just one! Since its been a while I figured I would post the progress we have made on the boys room! Stryder insisted that his bed be green…so green it is!

I finished his duvet cover and pillow cases on Sunday. It was so simple! I didn’t want to mess with button holes or ties at the top so I came up with my own version and there will be a tutorial coming soon! It was a rainy day and Brandon and Stryder went hunting with my dad so my mom, Addi, and I hung out in her sewing room! My craft room is mad chaos right now so there was no way I was getting to my sewing machine to accomplish anything! I majorly downsized and gave up my blue thing for the boys room that held most of my supplies.

I think I may want a few accent pillows for his bed. I am just debating because “throw” pillows really are “throw” pillows at out house! It just seem like they never stay in place! As much as I hate stuffed animals; the pillow pet is going to have to stay! He adores it and I do have to admit they are pretty dang comfy!

If you missed the building the bed post you can find the details here. Thank you Ana White!


Wow… what a glare.. sorrySmile


Remember this $10 dresser?


Here it is now!!!! Brandon cut a 1x4 for the front trim that was missing and sanded it down for me! I painted the dressers white and the drawers are grey from the leftover paint I had from the living room. I found the hardware at Lowes. It is pretty sad when the hardware costs more than the furniture! This dresser had definitely seen better days and still needs some adjusting inside so that the drawers slide in and out easily!

There is a stack of mirrors sitting on the dresser I have had laying around since we built. I have an idea to use them up and incorporate them into the room!


I had this night stand and dresser in my room from Jr. High and High School. They were being used as tool boxes in the garage.

Stryders Crazy Hair and My Truck 015

Oh, how I love paint!



I sprayed these frames tonight! The black one was just a wood frame I have had forever. The sprayed the two smaller frames with some leftover paint from the entertainment center. I found them for 50 cents a piece at a yard sale last weekend!


I found this cute subway art while browsing at Eighteen 25. The colors were perfect so I think it was meant to be!


stryd closetstrydroom1

The trim and doors are all a creamy color in our house. I like that it flows throughout but think it may be clashing in this room. What do you think? Should it be white? I was going to paint the room grey in the first place and do the trim white but I thought this was a huge room and I didn’t want to do that much work!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the progress! More to come!