Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cute Vinyl Idea*

Hello! Did everyone have a good weekend? I did! Started out the weekend yard saling with my mom! I found a few great things I am sure you will see soon once they get a few coats of spray paint and a new look! Then we worked on some throw pillows, will also be posting them soon! I also worked and got a lot of planting and yard work finished! I am trying to cram a lot into the week!

Ok so you should have known that it was going to be just another decorating blog, right? Let me know anytime you have some cute ideas or send me a picture of your projects and we can share them:) I love to be inspired!

I will try to post a new idea or project at least once a week, hopefully more. I have lots that I am working on right now!

I found these cute canisters at Walmart the other day. I think they were about $9.00.

I just searched free damask dingbats and found one that has a bunch of great designs. I used this for the background (white) and then black vinyl for my font. Anybody with a wishblade, silohette cricket, or others can use dingbats to cut with and save $ on all the expensive files!

I order all of my vinyl from It is so reasonable!

Yours Truly, Amanda

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