Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy… busy.. busy!!


Its been a while since I last said Hello! Everything made it safe and sound to Casper, WY and is ready for Serendipity. I have enjoyed the last week working on many projects that I want done for myself and getting ready for our baby boy! Just a little over a month left until we get to meet him! My baby girl is going to be 3 on Monday so we are getting ready for a polka dot swimming party too!

I finished up this chair for the living room. I thought it was fun that when I took the cushion apart I found the original tag and it was manufactured in 1926!




I painted it in Paris grey first, then old white. I distressed it and finished it with a  clear wax! I am considering painting the top of my table grey. What do you think? It is chipped all over the top from the kids and needs a new paint job. I have tried paint matching and ordering paint from the manufacturer and can’t seem to come close to the cream… Maybe just the top?


I also finished a couple of summer pillows out of the left-over fabric!



We had a great weekend and enjoyed the 80+ degree weather! Our nieces stayed the night and the kids had so much fun!

\swim collage

I am also making progress on the boys room, the café under the stairs, and a fun sewing project for Addis birthday. I have been making some burp rags and a few things for the baby! Problem is… my sewing machine broke and I can’t justify a new one so I can only work on them here and there when I can sneak over to my moms! Stay tuned for lots more!

Love, Amanda

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  1. your pillows are beyond fabulous!

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