Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Addis day-bed and room.

In March Brandon and I decided to get started on a bed for Addis 2nd birthday! Her birthday is June 13th! We took plans from Knock Off Wood for a simple platform bed with storage.

The bed had to be built in 5 sections to be able to get it up the windy stairs, which was still not so easy! Thank goodness for family! This was all one piece and the 1st section. This was a good base to start from because we had the measurements right for the twin mattress.  I say we because I was the designer but Brandon did most of the work! Then we attatched an old door horizontally to the back of the bed for the 2nd section. The third section was the sides. They were built from 2x4's to form the square then covered with sheets of wood and filled in to look like one chunky piece. Then the last section was built to sit on top of the other sections at the end. On April 24th Brandon was out working on the bed while I was inside cutting hair and I heard screaming.. Next thing I know....

He had reached into the table saw while cutting trim and it caught his glove.  This picture was taken 10 days after the accident. He got the right three fingers and nicked the fourth. It was terrible. He was still very determined. My dad came over a few days later to help finish the crown and we started painting! The bed was in her room before her birthday after all that!
I love the storage underneath for her books and babies!

The bed spread I had my eyes on forever from Land of Nod. She got it from my mom for her birthday!

After 6 months, 3 surgeries and at least 10 pins, Brandon was only off work for 5.5 weeks total! He was such a trooper! He got released at the first of this month and we are so excited to return to the "new normal". Normal for me... not quite normal for Brandon. This is what his hand looks like now.

This was my dresser when I was in school. I re-did it for Addi when we moved into this house and I added the tulle today. I hate that new handles are at least 5 bucks a pop. The tulle makes it girly and probably didn't even cost a dollar! My mom made her the quilt for her babies, but I snagged it for her dresser:) hehe. The boxes are just unfinished covered in scrapbook paper, flowers, and ric-rac.

I found this high chair at a yard-sale! Score! Her name was made from chipboard covered in scrapbook paper and then mounted on a photo matte.

I found this great piece at the anitque store. The bottom was broken off and the top had no paint. I think it may have been the center of an old mantel or something?!? With a few coats of paint and primer...

The fabric piece on the wall was sewn in strips, then wrapped around a piece of cardboard and pinned. I added the chipboard covered in scrapbook paper and the fabric flowers.. (the sewing credit all goes to my mom!) The chair was re-painted along with the dresser. It was green when it was in Stryders nursery. My mom sewed the cushion to match her crib bedding she made. The dollhouse was in a previous post. Don't you love my cute little doggy curled up? She follows me everywhere I go!

We also put these fun doors in when we built our house that our chalkboard on the inside! They are so fun!


  1. You guys did a really good job! And good thing your husband is doing better-talk about a dedicated dad! Love her bed, especially.

  2. You've done a beautiful job. Your post has given me some great idea for my daughter, Madelyn's room. I'm going to look through for the post on the dollhouse. It's just the size and type I'm looking for right now. Thanks for sharing - good pictures.

    Dawn @ WhileSheWasSleeping.com