Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Master Bedroom & Bathroom


Does anybody else put their bedroom off as the last room in the house that you decorate? I don’t know why but I always do. When I get sick of something in the rest of the house it seems to migrate to the bedroom. I think it is probably one of the most important spaces even if you are the only one that sees it. I got to go to Target the other day and decided it was time for fresh bedding! it always feels so nice to crawl into new sheets! I got a white duvet for $20 and a sheet set for $17. You have got to love Target! Brandon bought me a pretty blue quilt for Christmas but I haven’t got to use it much since it clashed with my sheets. I like to keep the bedding simple so that you can change just the sheets or just the pillows when you feel like it.

I found my bedroom set when I was pregnant with Stryder 5 years ago. I absolutely love it still! I think it is timeless! I do think however that the room may need a pop of color somewhere! I think that some wallpaper or a curtain behind the headboard may be cool?!? What do you think? Maybe even a fun stencil like Mandi has been using over at Vintage Revivals.

 Final ERM 4 065


I really like keeping most of the room light. Our bedroom gets a lot of light, hence, the terrible pictures. Bear with me k!


I really just don’t love the look of ceiling fans but they are necessary and oh so nice!! Doesn’t this chandelier fit better than an ugly ceiling fan?


The Solution…. this cute little fan that sits up on top of the wardrobe and works like a charm!


bdrm3bdrm2I found this lamp in stainless steal at my first yard-sale this year and painted it with chalkboard paint. It is kind of fun to change it up!

This sewing machine actually opens up and would function fully if I wanted to use it… haha, ya right! It belonged to my great, great grandmother. This may be one of the only wood varnished pieces you ever see in my house! I paint everything but will definitely not ever be painting this piece. I think it would destroy the value.bdrm5

I found these chairs at a yard sale last summer. They were from the 1st Uintah High School which is kind of cool. They were rusted out with no seat. I sprayed them white and used some material and batting to staple around a piece of plywood cut to size for the cushions.


Notice the bassinet tucked away in the corner… I have been dragging out all the baby furniture again. I can’t wait to get him here!


This is the bathroom. It got the tub for my birthday while we were building! The outside is cast in bronze. I love it!



Maybe some time I will get around to the bedroom and add some color…

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