Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stantyn is here!!!




We welcomed Stantyn Jerek on the 17th of July! I feel so blessed to have such a great baby! He is so good and so precious! He is a week old today and we have spent the week cuddling and hanging out! It seems like forever since I had a baby (only 3 years!). I definitely think that going from 2 to 3 is going to be much easier than going from 1 to 2 children!

We found out towards the end of June that he was sitting breech. We then scheduled a version on the 15th of July. July 15th is my husbands birthday so he was thrilled that he may share a birthday with him. A version is where two doctors try to flip the baby. I hear it can be very miserable and has about a 50% success rate. There are risks involved so the O.R. prepares for a C-section in case of emergency. If it was unsuccessful we would go straight to C-section also. After many weeks of preparing and planning right up until the day before… I went in on Thursday the 14th and sure enough he had flipped! I could not have been more proud of him! Hehe!

I cancelled the induction for Friday and he decided to make his way into the world two days later! Everything went great and after my other two children spent two weeks under bili lights with extremely high levels of jaundice we did not even have to bring the lights home for one day! Although he is still jaundiced, it is just not as severe. I love essential oils and have used lemon and geranium faithfully at every diaper change to try to reduce jaundice. I am sure that has had a lot to do with him not getting up there so high!

I got Photoshop about a month ago and am so extremely lost. After hours of trying to figure out how to install actions or just do some basic editing… I came up with this… I still need to learn a ton but it helps that he is so cute!!! I will be getting his pictures taken next week professionally and will share when we get them back!





  1. Congratulations! He's a doll!!.. I love all your projects your amazing! And i'm jealous of your talent!! Good job!

  2. Love him already! Congratulations to you, Brandon, Stryfer, and Addi!
    Love, Tasha and the BOYS

  3. What a cutie!! Good job baby and good job Momma!!