Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Dayzz….


I am so sad to see summer coming to an end! It has been such an eventful summer with a busy work schedule, a new baby, a new job for my husband, and two busy kiddos!

I am usually excited to see September roll around and begin to fall decorate but I am not so much looking forward to it! Maybe a shopping trip this weekend with the girls and all the fall stuff out will put me in the mood!

Until then I have a project that I am working on if the weather would have cooperated the last two days I had planned on posting it!! Spray paint and wind do not mix but don’t worry… I am about to turn my garage into the spray paint booth if it does not stop!!


054 78

Last day of summer dance!!




Swimmg at the lake!

stryder at lake


Digging in the mud… Can’t wait to get our concrete!


Oh No!!… Roxy had to join in too! She is such a kid dog!


The start of  what grew into a big smile!

Lots of love… be back soon! I hope!! Amanda

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