Sunday, January 30, 2011

A little Valentines, my cute kiddos, & a DIY collage:)


It is the last day of January already! I am really enjoying staying inside and getting a few things accomplished this month! I am anxious for spring but not too badSmile. Last week the kids seemed a little stir crazy! I thought we needed to get outside! We filled up some water bottles with food coloring and water and made snow art!


stryd-snow artAddi-snowart

I took a few pictures of the porch while we were outside! I used the branches of an artificial Christmas tree I didn’t want anymore for the pots.

winter porch 2winter porch 3winterporch1

I finally finished my crepe paper balls. You can find the tutorial at House of Smiths. They are super easy but require a lot of time and patience! They were slow going with me. It took me a few weeks here and there because I am easily bored of doing the same thing. The Styrofoam balls are super expensive for some odd reason. I would suggest finding something random to improvise with. Maybe a ball out of the toy section or something? I used some wicker balls I got last year at a yard sale for a dollar! I got the cute bowl that they are in at the D.I. the other day for $2 and my niece made me the cute Valentines tile!

rose balls 1

rose balls 2

Here is the before pictures of some frames I found at the D.I. again.


2010 October 034

I forgot to take a before of the mirror. Anyway, Here is the after! I just paired it with some things that I already had from the room before I re-painted that looked too small to go on the wall alone and a metal letter from Hobby Lobby. I still need to get two black and whites printed for the small black frames! I am looking for a great dresser or some sort of table to go under the collage on this wall.

diy frames

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