Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Living room re-do


I am back and happy to be done painting! It took me an entire week to paint this room all together! Isn’t that terrible! My kids have had a case of the naughty’s lately and I have been finding it hard to get anything extra accomplished! I am very happy with how it turned out though! It was worth living in a weeks worth of disaster!

Remember the vinyl  tree from before?

2010 Blog 047

This tree was one of the first things that I cut out of vinyl. I used some from a friend and it was glossy. I prefer the matte but thought it would do. TIP: NEVER USE THE GLOSSY ON ANYTHING THAT ISN’T PERMANENT OR SUPER STRONG! It not only peeled paint off the wall, but lots of texture too. I have never ever had the matte vinyl do that to anything.


So… I was freaking out! Luckily it was ten at night and my husband was fast asleep! I knew he wouldn’t go in the living room when he headed out to work that morning! The next morning I headed to the paint store and got some advice on how to texture. I knew it needed to be done before Brandon got home! I didn’t want him to see that my crazy vinyl had taken the texture off the wall! I told him after it was fixed, of courseSmile. To my surprise it was actually really easy to fix and kind of fun. I just took a lg. spackle knife and some drywall mud and spread it on and scraped it off. Then I went over it with a drywall primer.

I really love how the color turned out. I do have some naked walls now so I will be on the hunt for something to fill them!

living room redo1

living room 3


living room re do 2

I designed my layout for the pillows in my Create and Cut program. You then mirror the image and cut it on heat transfer vinyl, which you can find on www.signwarehouse.com. Silhouette also sells heat transfer vinyl.



I took this project to my moms and forgot to take step by step pictures. You don’t need transfer tape when working with the heat transfer vinyl. You just peel off the excess, flip it upside down and iron it on. The trick is to not peel it off until it is completely cool. If not you will ruin your transfer!

living room 5living room 6

I found this cute ribbon at my favorite store, Black Eyed Susans, the other day! My cute husband let me run in while he stayed in the car with the kids!!!!

living room 4

I am working on a few projects for V-day, but for now I just added some pink flowers from the dollar store in to the sweater vase (sweater vases in previous post… http://myoohlalaandi.blogspot.com/2011/01/bring-on-new-year.html) and used  some leftover red x-mas candy in my jar. I also found some fake rose petals left over from a craft project for the other jar.

living room 7living room 8living room 9

The Carmickle and Stryder signs also got a quick fix since my kids had destroyed the bottom letters on each of them! They were done using pre-cut chipboard and double sided tape. You can glue the paper down to the letters and roughly cut them out. Use a finger nail file to sand off the excess. I then used distress ink (or a stamp pad) to rub the edges.

carmickle signstryder signstryder sign 2

I would like to build up my blog and be able to offer advertising and give a ways. If you enjoy following it or know anyone else that would. Please pass it on to your friends! Thank you!

Goodnight! Love, Amanda

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