Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sweet Treats Cafe


Good morning! I am excited to post on the cafe today!  You know the space underneath the stair case that becomes a catch-all for junk? I love it as a kids space. All of the bedrooms in our house are upstairs so I really like the idea of having a spot downstairs for the kids to play without looking like a nest of toys. Since we have the playroom upstairs I can just keep kitchen themed toys in the downstairs cafe. It took me a long time to come up with a theme. I thought about a castle among other things but wanted to keep it gender neutral.I finished the painting about a year ago but didn’t want to share it until I had made some more progress. Santa brought Addi a kitchen set for Christmas so it looks a little more complete.




  I was not blogging a year ago so I don’t have any pictures of the process. I wish I had taking step by step pictures. My walls were originally cream. I first faux- painted over them with a damp rag and a glaze to get the old look.  I sketched all the bricks and cracks with a  pencil. I then used some brown paint  mixed with a glazing agent and sponged the inside to get it not so perfect. (NOT THE NASTY OLD SPONGE PAINTING FROM THE 90’S LOL.) I went over that with some of the original paint mixed with the glazing agent and some of the faux-paint mix.  The name was cut out of vinyl. The window box is an iron window box I found at Tiapan full of Styrofoam and fake flowers. I have a pair of old shutters in the garage I snagged up for this project but they wouldn’t actually open and shut with the window box. Do you think it would be fun to put them on the inside instead? Maybe a curtain?                       

            2010blog 001    I found two of these chairs at a yard sale this summer for one dollar each! What a steal!

Do you remember these ones in Pottery Barn?

Not bad for a dollar and a little spray paint!



The table is covered up with a baby blanket as a table cloth for now. My friend Natalie gave it to me and it is the perfect size but I haven’t painted it yet! Santa got the kitchen set from IKEA. I thought it was one of the more gender neutral. There was a pink retro one that I looked at a thousand times but had to resist! The special board is just a piece of sheet metal I had cut and the edges bent. It is hung on the wall with mirror hangers. There is a little more area in the back where the staircase wraps around. It is somewhat dark in the back so I am looking for a cute lamp or some kind of light to add back there.




I am working on some fun pillows today for a friend so hopefully I will be back to post soon! Later!


  1. That first picture is really adorable! And how cute would an 'open' sign be? Good job and I love your blog :)

  2. Also, have you thought about 'linking up' to one of the cute crafting sites like tatertots and jello? you should. :)

  3. Hey thanks! I would really like to expand my blog and link up. I feel like I really need something original to feature. The toy closet would be great but I didn't take any progress pictures. There are so many more things I wish I knew how to do in the blogging world!