Thursday, February 10, 2011





-How to make your own pintables using

1. Take any picture that you want to start with. You won’t actually see it. Click on the create tab, then stickers.


2. On your left Choose Stickers, then Geometric, then Rectangle. You can adjust the color and size it over your picture to create your blank canvas.


3. You can play around with text and stickers. In the featured tab, there will be the stickers for the current holiday!


4. There are so many tools that you can play around with, add borders and be creative!

5. Click Save and Share and save the pic to your computer where you can print it out!

I had an empty picture frame laying around and thought I needed some cheap V-day décor!


The lighting in this room is super intense in the middle of the day, so I got all kinds of glare going on! SorryWinking smile.

Valentines table Décor


I had these worn out balls in ugly colors laying under a glass dome on my table tray.  Time to update them! They got a new coat of paint. I used tool paint because it was spur of the moment and I happened to have cream and pink laying around, however, spray paint would have been much easier!


I was anxious to find something to put in my new apothecary jar from Real Deals! I forget about it sometimes since they are only open two days a week! But forget no more! I love that place! My jar was half as much as the ones I looked at other places!


I love to change out the table cloth on my table for seasons. I threw down one of the quilts my mom had made for Addilyn as a baby because it is so cute and you hate not to use them much after they aren’t babies anymore. I am always stealing her blankets! I had some left over paper grass from the dollar store that worked well in the bottom. I also picked up these flowers the other day at Jubilee in Roosevelt! I love how bright they are! I am getting anxious to decorate for spring! I took down all of my winter decorations this week! One of my birdies to my birdie salt and pepper shakers died… so if anybody is at Tiapan soon and runs across them… I could really use one! lolWinking smile



Valentines purses


I have been planning a Valentines party for Addi. I have been working on so many fun things for it that I will share later. II had a lot of extra felt from when I was making a lot of hair bows, some felt hear stickers and a huge bag of lace that I had scored for a buck at a yard-sale! What could I do with that? PUrses, of course!


pink purse

white purse


red purse


Want to make one of these? Trust me you can. I made 17 of them! Here is how!


1. Cut one piece of felt 7”x7”. Cut another piece 11”x7”.


Using something round like a bucket or a plate cut an arch on your 7” piece of felt.


It should look like this.


Take the piece that you cut out from the small piece of felt and use it as a guide to round your corner on your 11” piece. You could leave it square if you like also.


It should look like this.


My friend Natalie cut out some chipboard hearts for me on her cricut. I painted them with some tool paint and punched hearts in them. If I wasn’t making 17 of them I probably would have modge podged them with some cute scrapbook paper!


Thread your tag through your ribbon. (I found this cute ribbon @ the dollar store!) Fold the end of your ribbon in half and pin it in the middle of your two pieces of felt sandwiched together. Take a stitch around the edge of your two pieces of felt. I think that an embroidery stitch and embroidery floss stitch would be super cute if you are just doing one or a few! I found this cute heart stitch on my moms sewing machine!



Turn your purse upside down and hot glue the lace around the rounded edge tucking the edges inside!

Super easy, Right!?


Fun valentines


Styder had his Valentines Party at pre-school today! We had fun together making his valentines! First I tried to get a good picture of him making a fist!


I uploaded the picture to Picnik and we played. I let him pick the borders and stickers. We came up with this!

Stryder Valentine

Poke a hole in the top of the fist and insert a sucker. Arrange it how you want and tape the back down! (It would be best if you could get one of them holding their fist out so that it looked like he was handing it to you but you know, you gotta work with what you can get!



  1. I LOVE Stryder's Valentine card! I just got finished doing some for my two boys classes. The cheesey batman and spiderman cards... So wish I was as creative as you are!

  2. Thanks! Stryder is always in a costume and loves super heros! I just about let him dress up in a costume for the picture so they would have been both! lol.

  3. That would have been cute to have him in costume. Next year can I just pay you to do our Valentine Cards! You rock. I love your blog!!!