Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Throw Pillow Covers


Hi! I wanted to post real quick on these cute pillow covers I made for my friend Randi! You can find the tutorial at DIY Dish, I didn’t follow the pattern because my pillows were not the same size but loved the idea. The were really easy to alter.





I think I may need some for myself!! Maybe for spring?


  1. Hey I love all the cute stuff you do, you are such a talented girl! :) but hey I have a dumb question lol, i'm usually pretty computer savvy and thought i could figure this out on my own, but anyways on a few posts back you shared the website for all those amazing fonts (which i downloaded every single one and LOVE them) but I was wondering how you used them for the font on your blog? I can't change the font on my blog to save my life lol. please help me haha. Thanks Amanda!
    PS- my blog url is actually
    www.scottandtristaharrisonfamily.blogspot.com the blog that this comment would take you to I don't use anymore.

  2. Thank you! Good question! Have you ever heard of Windows Live Writer? I just downloaded about a month ago and it is free. You actually create your blog post on that program then upload it to your blog. Once you do the download it is so self explanatory! I love it. The best part is that the pictures can be uploaded in a second or even copy and pasted so it goes soooo much faster! The only bad part is that I haven't figured out how to edit it once you have posted it so you want to make sure it is just how you want it! Like my New Years Goals for 2010... did you catch that? It is suppose to be 2011 but I can't change it now!

  3. Oh I didn't notice! But no I've never heard of that, I'll have to look into that, maybe it would also be a Leupold when it comes to how much photo storage you're allowed on the blog also! which is why i have two different blogs as it is! my other one wouldnt let me upload anymore pictures! thanks! keep up the great work, you are soooo talented!