Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home!


Hi! It is good to be back! We had so much fun at Disneyland! The kids were too cute with all the characters. I would have to say that was their favorite part! Leave it to me to make it all the way to Disneyland with my camera and no memory card. We got plenty of pictures on my moms camera so I don’t have any to upload at the moment, darn! We were sick before we left and by the time we got home it had turned into bronchitis. I haven’t felt as ambitious as I would like to but I did get my soldier boxes finished today. With a little bit of modge-podge and a few things that I had in my stash… I came up with this! These will be going in Serendipity! Bright pink is suppose to be the trend color this year. I am not sure that it will make a spot in my house but kind of fun to have play with color!




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