Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is Here!


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Thank Goodness! I am so happy that spring is here! Spring is one step closer to summer and I am due in July, and one step closer to meeting our baby boy!

We got the rooms switched around last week! The bed is painted and Stryder is now sleeping in it! He LOVES it! The blue hutch will also work well in there! I got the top of Stryders duvet cover sewn and the top of Stantons quilt. Oh yes…. we are naming him Stanton (in-love)!! I also think I have enough fabric left to make two of these Land of Nod inspired floor cushions! I can’t finish anything until I find some solid grey fabric for the backing of the quilts and to finish off the cushions! Everything else is cut and ready to go! Walmart had all kinds of solid color fabrics but no grey… go figure!

The tutorial to make this can be found at Living with Punks.


My new craft room on the other hand is quite an issue! It is way too small for way too large of collection! I think I need one of those really good professional organizers to come in and figure out how to put a lot in a really small space! I am thinking that we may need to refer back to Ana White for a few fun pieces that will hold some JUNK!

Post image for And the Craft Table too!

Post image for Brookstone Desk

Post image for Desk Plans

On the other hand, It is almost yard-sale season! I am so excited! Maybe I will come across a piece to re-finish!

Our spring stuff is out! Is yours?!?! It just seems to put you in a good mood!






I love these rabbits I got at Black Eyed Susan's the other day! I also found this antique egg holder for $3.00 at Gypsy Mamas! What a cool find!



I won’t be back for a week or so! We leave tomorrow to take the kids to Disneyland with my mom, dad, and sister!!!!!!! They love to play dress up and are so into characters. I can’t wait to see their reaction!

shortcake and woody

Here is a sneak peek of my next project. I have plans for these boxes I got for Christmas! Stay tuned to see what he becomes!


Love, Amanda


  1. please fly to mississippi and decorate my house! you do such a good job!! and i'd love to go yard saleing. tell me how you do it? i don't even know where to start.

  2. Thanks! I love yard saling too! There is usually a list of yard sales in the local paper. I just circle the ones that sound good in the order you have to drive to them so your not driving around in circles and start super early! The good stuff goes fast!

  3. Hey Amanda this is Ashley Kay! I didn't even know you had a blog i'm glad i found it! your kids are so cute and so are your decorations! I feel i don't see any body anymore lol life is busy! Congrats on the new baby boy thats exciting!!