Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Fever, Room re-do plan, some cute kids, and a new blog to check out!


I am starting to get spring fever! It is so nice outside today, and I am loving it! We got off to a really good start on a building Stryder a bed today, or I should say Brandon got off to a really good start! We are now sure that we are having another BOY!!! He will share the bonus room with Stryder and I will be taking over Stryders room for my craft room! Here are a few ideas for the room so far.

We got the plans for the bed from Ana White! Her site is amazing! There are tons of free plans on how to build all kinds of awesome knock-off furniture! She breaks it down by shopping list, cost and more!

Reserved listing for amandacarmickle

Here is some fabric that I ordered from a cute fabric shop on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/shop/skyerevefabrics?ref=pr_shop

I am thinking guitars in Stryders area and the zoo animals in the babies area. The room is big enough that I will do a play area in the middle and use the furniture that I redid here along with a cute rug and some kids tables and chairs!

My friend Natalie scored me a dresser from D.I. for $10! I am thinking I will paint it and the babies dresser white!


The crib and the bed will be the green that coordinates because Stryder insists! The walls are going to be grey!

We have been working hard to grow Stryder a little shag the last couple of months and it is finally starting to come around. We put some “guy lights” in his hair today to lighten it up for spring. He was too cute about it! He is not a good poser for pictures! I was lucky enough to get a good picture of the process but not so lucky on the after!

addi-haircutstryder-highlightsstryder highlights

The Library had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party on Saturday. Addi and I went and had so much fun! They did such a great job putting it together. First we painted fingernails and then decorated crowns and magic wands. They set up a photo booth and had refreshments!



She loves to get dressed up fancy! You are never too fancy according to Fancy Nancy!


Fancy Nancy 2011 039-2

Fancy Nancy 2011 007-2







My cousin is in the progress of kicking off her new business Serendipity! I am so excited to get to help and be a part of her first occasional sale! What is an occasional sale? Become a follower of her blog and learn a lot on daily updates, decorating advice and information on the first Serendipity sale!



Here is a peek of a few things I have been working on lately to prepare!





Have a great night and I will try to be back quicker this time!!

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