Saturday, August 6, 2011

The boys room is coming along..


So I took these pictures a while ago and am now just finally getting around to the post! It is hard to type while snuggling a little baby!! He is good enough to put him down but why would you want too!

I made this quilt for Stantyn and had my mom quilt and bind it for me! The sheet came from Target and could not have matched the fabric any better. I also have some grey sheets to switch out with it. The crib is the same crib that I have had since Stryder. It got a new coat of white paint.



I found this cute chalkboard piggy at Target! We took pictures last night! I can’t wait to see them all edited and fill up some frames!


I found this cute wet bag on Etsy that matched the fabric I had used for the rest of the room. I am using cloth diapers this time. I think they are great and will try to post about them soon. I am still learning more about them.


I found the rocking chair at a yard-sale for $10 plus and added some white spray paint. boysroom9

I had some extra mirrors left over from building so I used my moms silhouette to put some vinyl decals on them.


My friend Natalie found this guitar at a yard sale for me! I spray painted the whole thing black first (strings and all) then went over it with some grey paint.


Hope everyone has a happy Saturday!

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  1. You are so incredibly talented Amanda! I love looking at the stuff you make! Also you'll have to let me know about cloth diapers (i was always too afraid to try)