Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly task sheet


I decided to try something new. Does anybody else use one of these? I usually clean my house top to bottom in one day. With my new work schedule I am going to be working more days, less hours and won’t have as many full days to get things accomplished. I also hate that it takes almost all day. I keep it picked up in the meantime for sure and the laundry up but it would be nice to designate a few days off from laundry too!

I have broke down most of my tasks into weekly, daily, and monthly. I will try to stick with the schedule and check them off daily! I also added a section for odds and ends… like this week it is change the oil in the car, and a few extra errands.

weekly tasks

I also made a weekly menu so that I can make my grocery list from there and hopefully save a lot of last minute trips to the store for one thing. I think it will keep me on top of setting things out to thaw also the day before. I hate meat defrosted so It is usually something super easy when I have forgotten to set something out! I also like to look through my cupboards and freezer as I make the menu so I can see what might need used up.

Help yourself to these if they work for you! I read on one blog that if you keep up on things daily the house seems to “clean itself”. Haha… I don’t think it will feel like that! lol




  1. I definitely want to copy your task sheet! You are always doing something awesome-keep it up so that I can add all your ideas to my "to do" pile that never gets done! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing-I will definitely try these out! Also, I was talking to Jan from Jan's Designer Blinds today and she was just raving about your end table!