Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Brandon got me a gift certificate in July for my birthday to Black Eyed Susans (my favorite store) and I ordered a shelf! I got to pick it up this weekend!! I am so excited at how it turned out!!! It added more light into the room and now I don't hate my computer desk being black anymore. It balanced it out!

The Oots sign I got from an antique store! I just love the architectural pieces! It is Dutch. I am not exactly sure what it means!

I found this at a yard sale!!!

I got this at D.I.!! I love these battery operated candles. I just wrapped sheet music around it and then took my lighter around the edges. I still need to find some twine and a cool trinket to tie around them!!

One of my clients brought this bird house! She said it was going to D.I. and knew I would find something to do with it! Of course! Does she not know me well?!?!

So here she is...with a coat of white spray paint and a rub down of glazing!! It was as simple as that!

I did a quick sweep yesterday to switch Halloween over to Thanksgiving. I didn't get too carried away because there is only a few weeks until I get out Christmas!!

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