Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy Duvet Tutorial with Velcro



Want to make a super easy duvet without having to figure out button holes or ties? This is perfect!

I was making a full size duvet. I bought the duvet @ Ikea. It measures 86 x 86 inches. I made my top and bottom @ 88 inches because I wanted it snug when it was finished.

You will need a package of sew on, stick on Velcro.

First take your top, fold down about 1/2, iron and hem. Sorry I am missing this picture. I used a hem gauge to keep them even.

Then fold over again. You want to hem this just a little bit wider than your Velcro.




Cut some sew on Velcro in 2” strips.


Then with your top facing up pin your sew on Velcro in about 14 inches from each edge spacing them about every 6”.



Sew them on.


Using the hem gauge, iron and sew one more time so that the Velcro is now on the inside of your top.


Now use your back and hem it the same as you did your top without putting any Velcro on.

Lay your bottom and top out on the floor right sides together and pin like crazy! Sew around the bottom and each side. Sew approximately  12’’ to 14” inches in on each side of the top, backstitch.

Cut some 2” strips of the stick on Velcro. Adhere them evenly with the Velcro pieces that you have sewn on!


So here is the best part. My mom suggested I do this because she has this on her Pottery Barn duvet. Don’t you hate stuffing the duvets in the cover? It is such a pain and they never stay snug.  Cut a piece of ribbon about 16'”-20” long. Fold in half. Take your inside bottom corners and sew into place. This way you can tie it around the corners of your duvet when you slide it in. I love this! It is so much easier to make the bed now, and it doesn’t slide around in between!!!!


Addi was such a good girl at my moms while I wrapped up this project! She loves to play in the fabric and scrapbook! Roxy is also very patient with the kids! What a good doggy!



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