Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hmm… can’t come up with a title today!


Hello! This afternoon was kind of laid back! My living room has been driving me nuts so I decided to re-arrange! I don’t have much to work with but think it seems better for now! It is not big and an odd shape to arrange furniture in. We got rid of our couch and chaise and I got a new couch for Christmas, A couch is not enough seating for all of us! I haven’t found the right pieces that I am looking for to complete the living room @ a  cheap enough price! At least it is yard-sale season so hopefully I will luck out soon! I talked Addi into letting me steal the rocking chair out of her room. I was going to paint it for the babies room but found another one at a yard sale last weekend! I think it will give us some extra seating for a while and it may be nice to have a rocker downstairs since that is where we will most likely be spending most of our time with baby Stanton!



Yes, we are getting ready to dye Easter eggs tonight!!!!

easter eggs 11


Look better? It will do for now.

Now onto these cuties!




I took a class on my SLR camera last week and thought I better try to put it to use. I need tons more practice but took all of these pictures in manual today to try to help me learn. I was surprised how much better you could make the lighting indoors by just adjusting the settings. The class was very helpful. This girl does great pictures.. you can find her @

Here is a sneak peak of a few things for Serendipity! Don’t forget to follow the blog!





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