Sunday, September 12, 2010

Antique store finds!

Last weekend was our annual girls trip for Labor Day weekend! It was so fun. This year we went to an antique store, Gardner Village, and Tiapan! It was a lot to fit into one day! After lots of digging and dust I found a few things I could not leave without at the antique store! For now I am posting two of them! The other two are even more amazing! I can't wait to share them later!

This is an actual antique easy bake oven. I had to remove the cord so that my kids would not do something crazy like try to cook in it! I am working on  the "Sweet Treats Cafe" under the stairs... it may be a while before it is finished. I still need to find a chandilier and a kitchen set and a table to be complete! It is my favorite mint color too... I had to have it! It was $10!

This is an old something! Haha... some sort of trim work I suppose. It is full of potential!

I think this will take up residence in my entryway and change seasonally! I am putting up Halloween the second October gets here because I am so excited for it this year!


  1. Amanda, I absolutely love the sign. Since our girl trip I am so excited for Halloween. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  2. Wow! So impressive! Way to go:)