Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buffer Table Re-do

My husband spotted this table for me on the side of the road with a big sign that said free!

 I just used a spatula to scrape all the peeling paint and wallpaper off; then removed the doors and tossed them in the trash! I first primed then painted the dresser off-white.  I then went over it with a damp washclotch  and a antiquing coat. I spray painted the handles with an old bottle of stainless spray paint I had lying around. I would love new handles, just haven't found the right ones yet! I left the doors off so that I could display things in it.

I love this in the entryway but have had the miracles up for a long time... I think my new seasonal architectural piece from the antique store will be going up above and then I can change it seasonally!

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