Monday, September 27, 2010

The new mantle and a little Halloween!

This is one of the other finds I told you about at the Antique store! These usually go on ebay for $600 and up; not to mention how much it would cost to pay shipping! I have been watching for them for a while found this one for $100! It is cream and chippy so it just need scrubbed; no paint!!! It matches my built in hutch on the other side of the room!

The centerpiece on the table is actually the insert to a black trunk that I have in my family room. It is the perfect color:) I love anything antique in the mint green.
Sorry the lighting is terrible in this picture. Notice the light above! It is one of my favorite things in my house! It is the edision light from pottery barn.

Edison Chandelier, Black

You can get these printables online anywhere by searching free halloween printables. There is a ton of them out there! I just added some green food coloring and water in the Frankenstein & Myrth . The Melted Witches are purple and the Ogre Snot bottle was already greenish! I am excited to start getting some Halloween out today!


  1. I LOVE that edison light fixture i just cant get enough of it. your projects are inspirting thanks for posting :)

  2. What a beautiful space! Thanks for linking up!