Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lamp Re-do

Today was a good day for getting a few projects accomplished. It was just me and the princess today while my little guy went hunting with his Papa. Girls love to make things beautiful and we had a good girls day! I found a lamp about a month ago at a yardsale that was icky brown.. but I loved the shape and it was only a dollar! I had a set of stainless steel lamps that aren't my style anymore so I just used what I needed (shade and a few small parts) from it to make it all work! (Oh... and some of of Dads handyman services) You can see my inspiration for this project at Show & Tell! It is an amazing blog.  I chose to put it in my living room.... I am trying to tie in more white through out the house!

This night stand was given to us for our wedding. It used to be red, but like it much better in green!

Never ever again will I attempt a vinyl project this big with my small cutter! The tree alone was 23 pieces. You would never know. It pieced together great!
The flower on this throw pillow is off of an Amy Butler purse pattern my mom and I bought, however, I never made the purse, lol:)

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